Bowen Deng

An undergraduate student


1. Non-tobacco substance detection system based on hyperspectral imaging


  • 2024.1 - now
  • Project Overview: Tobacco foreign matter removal is an important step in the cigarette production process. Compared with other methods, photoelectric impurity removal can detect and remove a variety of non-smoke impurities and is widely used in the tobacco industry. However, at present, domestic photoelectric impurity removal equipment mainly uses visible light imaging technology and simply uses color information to detect impurities, making it difficult to distinguish impurities with similar colors to tobacco. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop non-smoking substance detection technology using next-generation imaging technology. This project will develop a non-smoke substance detection system based on hyperspectral imaging technology, use artificial intelligence technology to detect hyperspectral non-smoke impurities, and promote the localization of high-end photoelectric impurity removal systems.
  • 项目简介:烟草异物剔除是卷烟生产过程中的重要环节。相比于其他方法,光电除杂可以检测并剔除多种非烟杂质而被烟草行业广泛使用。然而,目前国产光电除杂设备主要使用可见光成像技术,简单利用颜色信息进行杂质检测,难以区分与烟草颜色相近的杂物。因此,开发采用新一代成像技术的非烟物质检测技术具有重要的意义。本项目将研发基于高光谱成像技术的非烟物质检测系统,使用人工智能技术的高光谱非烟杂质检测方法,推进高端光电除杂系统国产化。

2. China Robot Competition UAV Challenge


  • 2021.3 - 2022.11
  • Project Overview: In the UAV Challenge, drones are required to complete tasks such as autonomous flight, trajectory planning, target identification, positioning, and motion planning. Our team participated in this competition in 2021 and 2022. And In the winter of 2022, we got 1st place.
  • 项目简介:在无人机挑战赛中,要求无人机完成自主飞行、轨迹规划、目标识别、定位和运动规划等任务。我们的团队在2021年和2022年参加了这项比赛。在2022年的冬季,我们获得了第一名。

3. A Control System for CVD Machine in a Chemical Lab


  • 2022.5 - 2023.1
  • Project Overview: This project aims to provide a software system for the experimental equipment in the National Key Laboratory of Ultra-High Temperature Structural Composites. The system facilitates program control, digital storage of experimental data, and interconnection of multiple devices. Additionally, this project was led by me during my sophomore year as a research and innovation project. During this period, my main responsibilities included implementing TCP communication between the devices involved in the project and building the project interface.
  • 项目简介:该项目为向超高温结构复合材料国家重点实验室中的实验设备提供一套便于使用程序控制、实验数据数字化存储、多设备互联的软件系统。同时该项目也是我大二主持的大创项目。这期间我主要承担了实现项目中涉及设备之间的TCP通讯以及项目界面构建任务。

4. A Website for Managing Developers Team


  • 2023.1 - 2023.2
  • Project Overview: Since taking on the role of executive (vice) admininstrator of the V5++ Developers Team, I have often faced various daily tasks such as expense tracking, team member information management, certificate management, and team building. In order to facilitate my work and save time during the semester, I built the management website during the 2023 Chinese Spring Festival. The website is now in regular use.
  • 项目简介:自担任V5++团队常务(副)队长起,我经常要面对繁多的日常开销记账、队员信息管理、奖状管理、团队建设等工作。为方便我更好的完成工作以及在学期中间节省我的时间,我于2023年春节期间搭建了该管理网站。该网站现在已经投入日常使用。