Bowen Deng

An undergraduate student

Bowen Deng

Education Background

  • Aug.2020 - Now, Undergraduate, Software Engineering,Northwest Polytechnical University(NWPU,985 211)

Honors and Prizes

  • First class scholarship, with a third-year ranking of 15 / 313. NWPU, Nov. 2023.

  • National-level 1st Prize of the 24th National Robot Championship, 11v11 Simulation Football Match, Dec.2023

  • National-level 1st Prize of the 12th National Ocean Vehicle Design and Production Competition, Dec.2023

  • National-level 1st Prize of the 23rd China Robot Championships, Oct.2021

  • National-level 2nd Prize of RoboCup China Open Competition, Apr.2022

  • National-level 2nd Prize of the 23rd China Robot and Artificial Intelligence Competition, Dec.2021

  • International 3rd Level Prize of RoboMaster University AI Challenge, May 2022

  • Shaanxi Provincial-level 2nd Prize of 2022 WeChat mini Program Application Development Competition. 2022

  • Shaanxi Provincial-level 2nd Prize of the 25th China Robot & Artificial Intelligence Competition, Jun.2023

  • School-level 2nd Prize of 2023 NWPU Students Experimental Skills Competition, May 2023

  • School-level 2nd Prize of the 21st “Sanhang Cup” Science and Technology Competition, NWPU, Apr.2023

  • School-level 2nd Prize of the 20th “Sanhang Cup” Science and Technology Competition, NWPU, Apr.2022

  • National-level Excellent Project of 2021 University Students Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Plan Program, May 2022

  • Shaanxi Provincial-level Excellent Project of 2022 University Students Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Plan, Sep.2023


  1. Northwestern Polytechnical University Football Robot Base V5++ Project Team;

    Team Member(March 2021-July 2023), Vice Leader(2022.7-2023.7)

    • Learned to build a robot software system based on ROS framework
    • Familiar with the robot design process, including mechanical design, hardware construction, and software programming
    • Manage a team of 30+ students to participate in national competitions
    • Responsible for overall team management, including financial and budget control, recruitment of new team members
  2. DJI Robomaster Team(Volunteer);

    live broadcast assistant (May 2022)

    • Assisted in the broadcasting of the RMUA event during the 2022 DJI Student Robotics Competition
  3. NWPU Makerspace Start-ups Incubation;

    Member(March 2021 - March 2023)

    • Collaborated with senior students on various projects involving designing products for profitability, undergoing assessment through start-up incubation
    • Gained hands-on experience in project development and management, enhanced my skills in developing innovative ideas and leading profitable ventures through incubation program
  4. NWPU Photography & Video Club;

    Editor(Sep. 2020 - June 2021)

    • Provided photographic works ranging from campus scenery to student events to the club to enrich students’ life
    • One photo of mine was included by Club database



1.Shiyuan Li, Bowen Deng, Xinyi Wei; Research on Algorithm of Power Patrol Robot Based on YOLOv3 and Visual SLAM, 2023 International Conference on Picture Processing, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (PPRAI 2023) (accepted)

Copyrights and Patent:

  1. A UAV Accessories Warehouse Monitoring System v1.0 Based on JAVA GUI Technology; May 2023
  2. A C++ Toolkit Platform v1.0 Based on JAVA Writing Habits. Oct.2022
  3. A Ball Picking Machine Design Patent; Apr.2023


Programming & Software: Java, JavaScript, C++ (Qt), Python

Languages Skills: Mandarin (Native), English (Second Language); IELTS 6.5